About Us



We are a group of product lovers with a passion for style and innovation. As phone users, we’ve long been frustrated that such a necessity can only be paired with something as exciting as a desk. We believe it’s time for our cases to go beyond wallpaper and background aesthetics and reflect more the energy, attitude, and sometimes madness of the styles we love today. The days of one-dimensional shell look and function are over – so join us as we explore new shapes, new textures and bolder engineering innovations to bring you!


We are creators, designers and manufacturers. We build each case from the ground up and source materials responsibly. We are committed to continue our craft and always bring you the best and most unique phone cases.




The “Kevininc” manifesto is truly at the heart of everything we do. We were founded on the philosophy of providing our clients with a stress-free experience that creates a positive and fun life.

“Kevininc” is a small daily reminder to not take life too seriously and enjoy the little things in life. We want you to hug yourself,
This includes all your lovely quirks and unique flaws.